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For all those who have bought VIP tickets offering access to training sessions, visit to the course and meet&greet with the riders, these are the times:


Access to training session: from 4,30 pm to 5,30 pm

Guided tour on the course and meet&greet with riders: from 5,30 pm to 6,15 pm
josh Sheehan at X-Gravity in Pamplona

josh Sheehan at X-Gravity in Pamplona

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It is now time to announce another top rider, Australian Josh Sheehan, one of the best and most popular Freestyle riders in the last years.

'Sheeny', as he is known, is a very friendly and well-loved rider by fans and other riders, and his career success is spectacular. Winner of Red Bull X-Fighters series, 6 X-Games medals, he is the only rider capable of performing a triple Backflip on a bike. He also masters the double backflip, a trick he has been regularly performing in events for 7 years which has given him multiple victories. He masters the trick so perfectly that he is also capable of doing it adding several variations. This might be difficult to understand, so you can’t miss it live at Mini Lurauto X-Gravity nest 27th October at the Navarra Arena in Pamplona


Video Josh X-Gravity

Video triple backflip:


Josh won’t be the only top rider to compete against favourite Tom Pagès, They will also have to perform against other great riders such as Japanese Taka Higashino, Dany Torres, Maikel Melero or Edgar Torronteras

Who will be the winner of this amazing duel of titans? We will know on 27th October at the Mini Lurauto X-Gravity

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Mini Lurauto X-Gravity, the ultimate show for all ages

Mini Lurauto X-Gravity, the ultimate show for all ages

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Next 27 October, Navarra Arena in Pamplona will host Mini Lurauto X-Gravity, a unique show where fans will be able to watch the best worldwide Freestyle Motocross Riders in action. A revolutionary FMX course and state-of-the-art technology for lights and sound together with giant TV screens will definitely impress all the fans.

The event will gather six of the best riders in the world, all of them winners of several world titles. Big names such as Josh Sheehan, the only rider in the world who has done a triple backflip , japanese Taka Higashino and current number one ,the unparalleled french rider Tom Pagès. They will not be alone; three of the most iconic Spanish riders in FMX history will join them to complete the riders’ list: Maikel Melero, current world champion, Dany Torres, Red Bull X-Fighters winner and Edgar Torronteras, a true showman both on and off the bike, winner of 4 X-Games medals.

Pamplona will be the only place in Spain where fans will have the opportunity to see such a good level of riders, and one of the few places in the whole world where French rider Tom Pagès will perform.

Tom Pagès, winner of X-Games 2018, will be in Pamplona (Spain)

Tom Pagès performs on very few occasions during the year and he has announced he will be in Pamplona. He is the best rider in the world at the moment and he carefully chooses the events where he takes part, performing only at very renowned shows and competitions such as Red Bull X-Fighters, X-Games or X-Knights in Costa Rica. This is why Mini Lurauto X-Gravity promoters are really proud to announce that Tom’s participation is confirmed for next 27th October in Navarra Arena, his only appearance in Spain in 2018.

TOM PAGÈS video:

Tickets for sale

Tickets for X-Gravity are already available online at  Prices start from 17,30€ and there are different options such as family packs at special rates, or VIP tickets giving access to training sessions and offering the chance to meet the riders in person.

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World famous event X-Games was held last weekend in Minneapolis (US) where Tom Pagès, one of the stars of Mini Lurauto XGravity, won Gold Medal in Freestyle and Silver Medal in Best Trick. 

Here is the impressive run which gave him the gold medal and which we will have a chance to watch live in Pamplona next 27th October at Navarra Arena

Tom Pagès X-Games run
Presentation of the best FMX in the world in Pamplona (Spain)

Presentation of the best FMX in the world in Pamplona (Spain)

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Pamplona is the chosen place.

The best FMX riders will gather at the Navarra Arena on 27th October 


Yesterday, the Mini Lurauto X-Gravity was presented at a press conference held in Pamplona. A revolutionary event where fans will have the chance to see riders like Tom Pagès, winner of Red Bull Xfighters on two occasions, and Spanish rider Maikel Melero, 4 times world champion.


During the press conference, attendants and passers-by could watch Maikel perform live in front of the Navarra Arena, a high level demo where he did some of the amazing risky tricks that fans will be able to see at the event in October.


This will be the first sports event to be held in the new Navarra Arena, so it will be an incredible premiere. Very few places around the world have the chance to see such good level of riding, this is why we are proud to present Mini Lurauto X-Gravity


The event website is already working and tickets will be sold online from Friday 11th of May at 11am. (


The main stars


Pamplona will welcome top level riders. One of them will be none other than french Tom Pagès, a very innovative rider who can perform unique tricks such as 'Front Flip Seatgrab', ‘Bikeflip' or 'Double Backflip'. He has 3 

X Games medals and two Red Bull Xfighters titles in his bag.


Tom Pagès won’t be alone in Pamplona; aussie Josh Sheehan will also be there. Josh is the only rider in the world who has done a triple backflip and is winner of Red Bull X fighters, 6 X Games medals and he is also a revolutionary rider capable of great innovation and evolution of the sport.


Taka Higashino, Japanese rider living in USA who has also won several gold medals at X-Games thanks to high difficulty tricks such as the Backflip Rock Solid. He is in fact the first japanese rider to have won a medal at the prestigious extreme sports event Xgames. His peculiar style and his friendly nature get him lots of fans.


Maikel Melero, four times World Champion. The spanish rider has taken a great leap forward in the past years and he will surely perform at his best level in order to have podium chances.


Edgar Torronteras, charismatic rider, pioneer in FMX, a true showman and one of the fans’ favourites.  His unique extreme style is spectacular and will surprise everyone at the Navarra Arena.


Dany Torres, the best FMX spanish rider of all times. Winner of Red Bull X fighters and many other international FMX events, Dany will have a new opportunity to perform with the best riders in front of his fans.


Summing up, we can say that on 27th October the Navarra Arena will gather 5 Red Bull Xfighters titles, 19 X Games medals and four world championships.



The course and the ramps


The course will basically be made of 3 main elements, take off ramps, landing structures and dirt.


The will be 6 different and unique take off ramps built with cutting edge technology… the riders will be able to perform the most difficult and rare tricks.


Landing ramps will be built using layher structure, wood and Ipe Beams, specially bent in order to obtain the right angles that the riders need for a safe landing.


Once the course is built, we will add 50 trucks of dirt that the machines will shape in order to turn the arena into a real course.



State-of-the-art technology for lights, sound and giant TV screens


Lights and sound set-up for the event will be similar to the ones used for a macro concert . Cutting edge Led projectors will be used, same system as the one used at the Super Bowl  final or Eurovision this year. The sound will be based on a 360º coverage thanks to the use of line array systems which will produce high volume and top sound quality in the whole arena.


There will be an OB van recording in HD and 11 different cameras, including 2 mini cameras and one polecam. Fans will therefore be able to watch Slow motion tricks that will be shown on the big screens set up inside the arena.
Maikel Melero, one of the stars at X Gravity

Maikel Melero, one of the stars at X Gravity

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Maikel Melero will be one of the riders to watch at the Navarra Arena

With 4 world championship titles in his pockets he is the local star.


Born in Albacete in 1988, he has won the world championship 4 times in a row and he is the current champion. He won his first title in Germany in 2014 and has been on top of the podium since then. He will be coming to Pamplona on his Yamaha and will show the fans all his talent.


He definitely wants to show the fans why he is the current world champion.

The Stars

Tom Pages

Tom Pages

Nationality French

Birthdate 25/03/85

Best results Red Bull X-Fighters 2013 and 2016 champion, 5 X-Games medals

Favorite tricks Front Flip Seatgrab, Bike flip, Doble Backflip

Josh Sheehan

Josh Sheehan

Nationality Australia

Birthdate 27/02/86

Best results Red Bull X-Fighters 2014 champion, 6 X-Games medals

Favorite tricks Doble Backflip nac nac, Flair Tsunami, Lazy Boy Flip

Taka Higashino

Taka Higashino

Nationality Japan

Birthdate 13/03/85

Best results 5 X-Games medals

Favorite tricks Backflip Rock Solid, Cali Roll, Dead Body Flip

Maikel Melero

Maikel Melero

Nationality Spain

Birthdate 25/01/88

Best results 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 wolrd champion

Favorite tricks Frontflip No Hands, Flair Superman, Cali Roll

Dany Torres

Dany Torres

Nationality Spain

Birthdate 10/03/87

Best results X-Fighters 2011 champion, 1 X-Games medal

Favorite tricks Paris Hilton Flip, Oxecutioner flip, LazyBoy Flip

Edgar Torronteras

Edgar Torronteras

Nationality Spain

Birthdate 17/05/80

Best results X-Fighters 2002 champion, 4 X-Games medals

Favorite tricks Whip one hand, Turndown, Tsunami Flip



27 October, 2018
Gates open
19:00 h.
Show start
20:30 h.
2h 15´
Calle del Sadar, 59 D1
31006 Pamplona, Navarra
11 line: Stop next to Sadar
Other near lines: 1, 6 y 9
Star explosion at the Navarra Arena that will show the evolution of Freestye Motocross. 200,000W of light and sound, 100 m2 of giant screens, 40 T of structure, 6 ramps, 1,000 m3 of dirt.

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